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How to pair jewelry with outfit?

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Adding the right jewelry to the right outfit can make it pop. Maybe you have a pair of earrings you wear with your favorite jewelry, or maybe a necklace you wear to work every day.

Going to Fashion Jewellery Wholesale Suppliers, and finding the right jewelry is easy but wearing it with the right outfit is quite difficult.

Is there an unwritten rule for which jewelry pair’s best with which outfits?

Not officially, but jewelry and clothing go well together.

Here are some tips on how to pair jewelry with outfits.

The best way to pair necklaces with your outfit

Necklaces go well with the following outfits, but these aren't the official rules:

  • A necklace to a plain shirt or top can add definition and interest.
  • Statement and layered necklaces go well with high necklines (such as turtlenecks, collared shirts, or mock necks). Layered necklaces are nice for formal settings, while a statement piece is great for going out.

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Which earrings should you wear?

Here are few amazing tips to help you decide which earring is right.

  • Earrings look great with almost any outfit and can be worn in almost any setting.
  • Make your face stand out with earrings if you wear a high neckline.

Wearing bracelets or watches that match your outfit

So you can make your outfit pop, here is what to wear with a bracelet.

  • Wear bangles, minimal chain necklaces, or layer bracelets with short sleeves or tank tops to draw attention to your arms. Wear layered bracelets, chains, or layered bangles - whatever your heart desires.
  • Bracelets go well with cuffed shirts as well.

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