What is 925 silver?

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

925 sterling silver actually refers to silver products with a silver content of 92.5%.


925 represents the purity of silver. Just like the purity of 999 gold. Silver is a reactive metal that easily reacts with sulfur in the air, making silverware black. Therefore, try to wear it with as little contact with the air as possible, and it is not suitable to wear it in places with strong chemical gases. After contact with sulfur soap, it must be wiped off immediately. Chloride in sweat also affects silver.


Due to the characteristics of silver itself, 100% silver is very soft and easy to be scratched, and it is not suitable for more and more refined craftsmanship requirements, as well as the increasingly rich and exaggerated modeling requirements of modern fashion accessories. Plus 100% silver is prone to discoloration and tarnishing.


Due to the addition of 7.5% alloy, silver has ideal hardness, brightness and luster, and anti-oxidation. And it can be inlaid with various gems. Since then, silver jewelry has bright color, unique style, exquisite craftsmanship and mid-range fashion taste. quickly swept the world.


The highest purity is 999, which is called Qianzu silver. The silver content is 99.9%. It is easy to oxidize and turn black. It needs to be worn carefully.

The second purity is 990, called pure silver, and the silver content is 90%.

999 and 990 are suitable for plain silver jewelry because of their high silver content and softness.

The most common is 925 silver, called international standard silver.

925 silver is added with 7.5% copper alloy composition, the hardness is increased, and it is more suitable for flower-shaped jewelry. Finished silver jewelry is usually electroplated and polished, so it has stronger anti-oxidation ability than 999 and 990, but silver jewelry needs maintenance and cannot be worn regardless. If young people are looking for fashion and good looks, it is more suitable for 925. Avoid contact with detergents. Do not wear it when washing hands, bathing, washing clothes, and washing dishes and try to avoid contact with hard objects, because silver jewelry is prone to scratches

The above is the description of 925 silver.

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