Details of jewelry customization

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Many friends who love beauty like to buy all kinds of jewelry for themselves. However, the styles of jewelry on the market are almost the same, and there will always be various small defects in the hands, which is a very traumatic problem for those who are bent on being different.

In fact, it is not difficult to get unique jewelry products, and the problem of choosing customized jewelry products can be easily solved. You can not only get your favorite baby, but also participate in the whole process of feeling the joy of the birth of a piece of art.

So what should be paid attention to in the process of custom jewelry? Let's take a look at this question together!

What should you pay attention to when choosing custom jewelry?

1. How to choose gemstones for jewelry customization

Jewelry customization can be seen literally, the jewelry is in the front and the jewelry is in the back. It is to choose jewelry first—that is, gemstones. So how should we choose gemstones? Generally speaking, jewelry worthy of customization will not be some ordinary gemstones. Make sure to choose carefully according to your own preferences. You can start from several aspects

1. Color

Gemstones come in many colors, so be sure to choose a color you like and don’t force it. Different color matching can show different fashion styles. A color that you like can make yourself pleasing to the eye and feel comfortable.

2. Size

The effect varies with the size of the gemstone, and if your hand is very slender, making a ring with a large gemstone can sometimes be abrupt. Bigger is not always better.

3. The meaning of gems

Different gems also have different meanings. Especially the Chinese people are particular about feng shui, so you should also refer to the different meanings of each gemstone, so that a small ring can bring you infinite good luck

4, the use of gems

Do you buy this gemstone for investment, fashion, marriage, celebration, or what occasion to attend in order to cater to your extraordinary temperament and identity. While some precious gemstones are suitable for investment, they can also show your extraordinary status. Similarly, some ordinary popular gemstones can also be very colorful and beautiful.

You can get a comprehensive understanding of a gem through the merchant. You can know the various indicators of this gemstone before inlaying, so as to avoid the finished product using the inlay method to cover up the flaws and step on the pit.

Second, the choice of metal materials for jewelry customization

Generally speaking, the metal material of jewelry is mostly 18K gold, of course, there are also 14K and 9K. Pure gold is 24K gold, because the hardness is too soft and not suitable for setting gemstones. Precious metals such as platinum and silver are also available. Metal colors can be white, yellow, rose gold, black and other colors depending on personal preference.

3. How to choose customized jewelry styles

Before customizing jewelry, you need to choose the style you want to customize first, and then tell the professional jewelry about the appearance of the style. When choosing a style, you can choose according to the purpose of the jewelry. For example, if the jewelry is to be used at a wedding, the style can be with auspicious patterns such as phoenix, rose, and peony. If it is to be used with ordinary styles, you can choose a style with a simpler pattern. If you really have no concept, you can look at some magazines or pictures on your mobile phone and computer, and maybe there is a surprise for you to choose.

4. How to choose a customized jewelry factory

Then I recommend OYA jewelry, their technology and equipment are more advanced. The best choice for custom jewelry

To sum up, if you are satisfied with the options, then you will be able to make a piece of jewelry that you like.

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