What do I need to pay attention to in custom jewelry?

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Author : Mr. Will Wong
Update time : 2022-03-30 16:17:41

When you want to customize jewelry, what are usually considered: 1:1 imitation of a big name? When setting a diamond ring, engrave a name by the way? Or add something fancy to yourself on a whim?

In any case, the real jewelry customization is the process of creating unique jewelry by combining the customer's requirements with the designer's comprehension after the designer has a deep understanding of the customer's needs. So, what do you need to consider as a customer?

1. Select a custom main stone

Four precious gems are the mainstream of customization

Choose a center stone you like. The center stone mentioned here does not refer to the large diamond on the wedding ring, but the visual focus of the entire piece of jewelry.

In fact, choosing a niche gemstone in the customization process is easier to show your personality, and the price/performance ratio is also quite impressive.

In the customization, in addition to diamonds, red sapphires and emeralds, there are actually many other niche gems to choose from.

2. Design custom styles

High degree of freedom in customizing jewelry styles

The style of custom jewelry is a development game with a high degree of freedom. When choosing a custom style, you can either choose the elements you like and play as you like, or you can ask the designer to design with reference to the style.

If you don't have an idea, you can hand it over to us for design. Let your imagination and imagination be the most interesting part of customization.

If there is only one main stone, but no idea, you might as well communicate with the designer. Because professional designers are magicians who come to help you find inspiration and turn it into reality.

3. Finalize the customization details

The most commonly used setting material is 18k gold. And as a personal order, you can also choose other different metals.

The same kind of gemstone with different colors, the effect is completely different.

details make a difference. In addition to the style and the main stone, there is another detail that cannot be ignored. Details include stone matching, inlay material, color, surface texture. Among them, even those who are customizing for the first time can think of the two aspects of inlay material and color.

The existence of surface texture is like colorful black, making custom design low-key and luxurious.

Try the collision of different gems, you will find that there are really fireworks of different colors in this world.

Although stone matching and surface texture are a little unfamiliar, they are the winning method to increase the degree of customization.

4. Define a custom budget

Upper decision decided by the economic background. Before customizing jewelry, determine what your acceptable budget is. Within a price range, it is easier for customers and designers to reach a consensus and complete customization.

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